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Dog Match Show/Event Online Entry

Tri-State Dog Obedience Club Agility Train & Go (Print Details)
Date(s): Sunday, February 18, 2018
Venues (w/fees): Agility ($15.00)     Obedience     
Close Date for Mail-In Entries: 2/15/2018     PreEntry: Y     SASE Req'd: N     Indoor (with AC/Heat)
Location: Tri-State Dog Obedience Club (Shohola, PA) (Click for Directions)
Sponsored by: TSDOC (Click to View Website)
For more Information, contact: Kay M. Marks (Click to Send Email)
Close Date for Online Entry: 2/15/2018 Midnight 



To enter your dog(s) for a timed slot, please click on an open check box for the venue(s) and time(s) you want. You will need to provide the following for each entry: Exhibitor Name; Dog Name; Breed; and Jump Height.

Enter online below for these venues: Agility;

You will be charged a Convenience Fee for each Entry as detailed below:
VenueConvenience Charge

After making all your selections, click on the Continue button to complete your entry.

Ring #1

2/18/2018 ( Entries Avail.)
10:00 am
2:00 pm
10:00 am-10:10 am  
10:10 am-10:20 am  
10:20 am-10:30 am  
10:30 am-10:40 am  
10:40 am-10:50 am  
10:50 am-11:00 am  
11:00 am-11:10 am  
11:10 am-11:20 am  
11:20 am-11:30 am  
11:30 am-11:40 am  
11:40 am-11:50 am  
11:50 am-12:00 pm  
12:00 pm-12:10 pm  
12:10 pm-12:20 pm  
12:20 pm-12:30 pm  
12:30 pm-12:40 pm  
12:40 pm-12:50 pm  
12:50 pm-1:00 pm  
1:00 pm-1:10 pm  
1:10 pm-1:20 pm  
1:20 pm-1:30 pm  
1:30 pm-1:40 pm  
1:40 pm-1:50 pm  
1:50 pm-2:00 pm