Why List Your Match/Event on DogMatchShows.com?

Listing your Match Show or Event on DogMatchShows.com will provide you the opportunity to reach your target audience and keep them informed as to all the particulars of your upcoming Match/Event. DogMatchShows.com can have your event online within minutes...it�s easy, it's FREE and it�s just a click away!

Reduce your advertising costs! There are no yearly subscription fees, no delays with mailings not getting out on time, and there are no deadlines with DogMatchShows.com. Your Match/Event is listed when you are ready. 

List your event now using our online form by clicking the button below or send us your complete information and we will list your event for you!

DogMatchShows.com offers ONLINE ENTRY!

ONLINE ENTRY is FREE to Schools and Clubs listing an event! DogMatchShows.com will handle the online entry process for your Match Show or Event at no cost to you.

Exhibitors and Handlers are assessed a convenience charge to enter and pay for an obedience match online. Exhibitors can choose their own ring time; no more waiting to find out if and when they are in the match. We confirm the entry by e-mail. This is so NEW and UNIQUE that your organization too will enjoy many added financial benefits. Aside from eliminating literally tons of paper work and being a time saver, we can reduce your administration costs. You receive one check for the entry fees at closing from DogMatchShows.com. Monitor your match as people enter through DogMatchShows.com, while still registering people through the mail or in person by using our system at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Advertising on DogMatchShows.com

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